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06 October 2020 @ 07:38 am


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07 November 2011 @ 12:24 am
too much facebook-ing and tumbler-ing make me forgot lj...
so sad~~~!!
01 April 2009 @ 01:10 am
sorry for long hiatus sice my last post!
i was recovering from my SPM and recently..its result..
enough said..i should post something b4 i get busy with my matriks or U...

i've been longing to write down my TOP 10 SAD ANIME/MANGA/J-MOVIE list...
so i'll probably try to write everyday and here it is!!

*SPOILER* (stay away if u didn't wish to know)


#10- steP by stePCollapse )

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06 September 2008 @ 09:31 am

i know it's kinda late but..otanjoubi omedetto,nakamaru-kun!! keep up the gud work,ne!

i still know it's kinda late but i still want to write this..

last sunday, i went for last shopping trip b4 fasting month..
and i bought  3 DVD's!!
haha..isn't that great?! well, maybe not.

i bought..

[definetely must buy!! yamada-kun was so hott! being a tantei! and he likes Sherlock Holmes!!!]


[ok, i haven't watch it yet, but it must be great, rite?]

..and...last,but not least....

[this is the MOST TOUCHING story that i've ever seen! definetely must buy!]

p/s: the pic couldn't get any better as i was i using phone camera.

and thanks to KOIZORA, i am completely, madly, head-over-heels for



*MAJOR NOSEBLEEDING* and still bleeding looking at his hotness!

well,that's it for now. CIAO!

  sorry, just can't help myself^^

"do you feel happy?" -koizora-

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09 June 2008 @ 12:47 am
it's already late at night but here i am...mumbling all alone..
tomorrow or to be exact this morning, is the start of school's term after 2 not-so-long weeks...BORINNGGG!!
i will start getting the results of my test be4 the school's holiday...SCARRYYY~~~!!!
i'm having my big exam, SPM this year, yet i still roaming LJ for KAT-TUN updates...can't help it!

KAT-TUN latest album 'QUEEN OF PIRATES' had so far reached the first place on Oricon chart but on the fifth day, the number had declining so fast that makes the album drop to second place. actually,  the sales aren't very impressive compared to other albums and singles. most said this is because the fans are broke after the DUES single...
just hoping the sale will increase soon cuz this is the best album to me compared to their 2nd album, cartoon KAT-TUN II YOU.

as for highlight for this week is the match between NADAL AND FEDERER.
SUGOIIII~~~!!! that's the most word that came out from my mouth throughout the match...i might irritated my dad and brother..but who cares! hands up for NADAL!!! HE WON THE MATCH!!!
                                                                   6-3 , 6-4 , 6-0
i'm not a fan of federer though but i'm still hoping he can do much better...but his play is not that disappointing cuz he does gave nadal a hard time by giving lots of wonderful urrrmm...smash? i dunno tennis's term but i do know he plays smart throughout the game..and kept hit the ball NEAR the line...i think that's very risky and most of it out. and officially, nadal had won 11 games out of 17 games against federer!
again..HANDS UP FOR  RAFA!!!
even my dad had to admit that federer almost lost his touch and he might retired soon...dunno..let's just wait for the new ranking,ne? and of course, omedetto for ana ivanovic for winning her first Grand Slam..
as for RAFA, he already won 4 CONSECUTIVE GRAND SLAM!!! SUGOOIIII~~~!!

and i just can't wait for the next eps of 'LA CORDA D'ORO ~PRIMO PASSO~'....
in the end, hino decided to keep her violin..just becuz of her dilemma in using the magic violin, everyone are affected by it! but the very thing that i jealous bout her is that..HOW COME SHE GOT ALL THE GUYZ??!! it's just unfair!! but who she'll end up with is i think will still be question but i'm guessing ryutaro cuz she seem to like him too...

i mean...WHO CAN RESIST THEM??!! even they can't resist each other...hahaha!!!

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16 March 2008 @ 02:14 pm
i made it!! at last, i went to times square last tuesday!! i really wanted to update my journal at the very same day, but i'm too tired walking back and fourth at the heart of Kuala Lumpur..

as i promised in the last entry, i will tell if there's something interesting i bought there!! at the TS, i searched for the shop that someone told me sells JE stuff, but unfortunately i could't find it!! but, i went to animetech and guess what.....



but the fun doesn't end there..i went to klcc and went straight to kinokuniya. i went to the back of the store..most of it is chinese section, but then i saw lots of manga so, i guess there's must be some japanese book there also...
i walk along the path of manga and.......THERE!! the first book i saw is the one with oguri shun as the cover..followed by kurosagi the movie guide, then women magazine and then i saw, KAME!!! he's at the cover of ANAN(i guess)...but i decided to buy..



well, at least there's kat-tun somewhere in it,ne! but, for sure, i just couldn't help but to smile throughout the day!! ureshii~~!!!
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08 March 2008 @ 12:44 pm
just droppin by to write something..

it's been a hectic week..

first, my comp was sent for repair and they formatted everything, and that's mean EVERYTHING IS GONE!! KAT-TUN~~!!!!! i lost all of them!! wuaa~~!!! it is a disaster..for days, i'm mourning for the lost!! but, i don't give up.. i went to my dad's office and download everything back.. THE SEARCH FOR KAT-TUN HAS BEGUN!!

secondly, i had sports day..can't say i'm busy cuz i'm just an audience, more to sitting than running, anyway..

thirdly, pile of homework that's need to be done..and of course, study, exam is just around the corner..

fourthly, can't wait for school holiday which already begun yesterday!! i'm planning to go to Times Square and search for kat-tun stuff!! wish me luck!! dunno why, but when i'm thinking bout going there, i think about kat-tun uchiwas(??)...hmm..

and last but not least...i manage to get another 2 of my friends to join kat-tun fandom!!! YATTA!! they still don't know the name of every kat-tun member, but they took a great liking of their song first...both like keep the faith and real face...it's just a matter of time before i start teaching them the real face dance move!! i showed one of them the 'Real Face Concert', and she's screaming like hell(especially the ending part!!)!! i had to shut her up, since my lil bro was also there. he'll think we're crazy!!

that's it for today...i hope i still got time to write more..if i bought anything special at Times Square, i'll proably write again!!


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22 February 2008 @ 09:25 pm
here again!! i finally got my own phone....YATTA!! now i can fill it up with lots of kat-tun goodies!! hik3!!
i also manage to get one of my friends to involve in kat-tun fandom!!so many things happening this  week..can't wait to get enough sleep and also watch music station!!
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03 February 2008 @ 04:33 pm
my friend and i went for a shopping trip yesterday! we ride a train which was not surprisingly crowded as usual..the moment we arrive we qickly went to our main objective, bookshop!! we tell our parents we want to buy some books, and that's what we're going to do first! then, we went to cd shop. dissapointment hit me! there's no kat-tun cd or whatsoever! there's only T&T, kinki kids, v6, ai otsuka and huge number of hamasaki ayumi's!!! ARRGHH! its very irritating!!

later, we ate. i ate spaghetti!! just bolognase. i thought i want to try spaghetti seafood(watching too much Bambino) or something but its must been to hard it. maybe later...

walk and walk, up and down till we have nowhere to go anymore...so, we decided to go back. not really went home cuz we decided to go to another shopping complex!! i bought STRIPED shirt!! we're totally into striped shirt and guess who influenced us?

spent almost RM 125!! thats must be the highest number of my spending in my whole life..so far! anyway, i still wish there is kat-tun merchandise!! when will it come to malaysia??!!
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